Approach & services

Safety solutions
for loss reduction

AlphaOmega Safety Multi-Services stands as the one-stop solution provider for the safety related needs of organisations operating in low probability high consequence safety critical industries.

We target loss reduction by means of an integrated set of safety performance improvement services: training, consulting, and content.

Financial incentive

  • The cost of our services can often be covered by the risk management bursaries of insurance policies.
  • We know where funds and grants supporting safety to reduce upfront investment are available and we have a history of supporting our clients to successfully apply for these monies.
  • Our clients experience fewer incidents adversely impacting employees, operations, customers, and any third parties; reduced historical losses lead to lower insurance costs.


  • We develop a bond of trust with our clients whereby we become safety partners and harmonise our efforts to existing activities.
  • We account of the interfaces of different safety activities and we take care of the criticalities, our safety solutions have seamless implementation.

Time saving

  • Our specialist expertise provides for effective solutions that save significant time to internal resources who may focus instead on their day-to-day priorities, this results into overall lower costs.