About us


AlphaOmega Safety Multi-Services provides consulting, training, and content services to organisations operating in safety sensitive industries to reduce costs by promoting safety.
We adopt a practical approach whereby we make a positive difference in safety performance for our customers.
Our solutions lead to visible changes in working practices – both physical, organisational and competence related, which reduce the incidence of safety events and the costs arising from losses and increase organisational confidence as to safety regulatory compliance.



The subject matter experts (SME) of AlphaOmega Safety Multi-Services have best in class performance records in terms of competencies, qualifications, and reputation. The experts work under a thorough quality system to ensure customer satisfaction.
Formalised organisational support processes ensure the effective coordination and execution of projects. Our internationally reputed SMEs oversee the key knowledge areas.
We provide the expertise needed to achieve improved safety and effectiveness by means of an integrated set of services.


We analyse our customers’ organisation and provide the services which best fit their needs.
We have a listening attitude and customise our services without forcing a pre-conceived view.


We proactively identify project risks and agree with our customers the needed mitigations to ensure the outcomes are as expected.


We deliver our services in accordance with international quality management requirements. Projects are controlled through formal feedback loops. The output of a project is controlled several times by experts with complementary skills.


We work with some of the world’s most reputable aeronautical companies. References are available upon request.


Scientific Director

Dr Pierobon is a safety management consultant operating in low probability high consequence safety sensitive industries. In the aviation industry he covers both fixed and rotary wing operations. He writes broadly on safety related topics and is an expert of air operations and crew training safety regulations.

He supports companies to improve safety by means of systemic risk assessment, customised safety training, procedural development, compliance verification, and support to the authoring of documentation. As a consultant, he maintains a systemic approach to safety which is being recognised as increasingly important in multiple industries and allowing for more comprehensive insights into causal analysis.

Dr Pierobon’s knowledge of safety is sought by several industry publications. His career has included an academic research project on aircraft ground handling safety at Cranfield University (United Kingdom) which earned him a PhD in Transport Systems, as well as work in safety performance management at the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) headquarters in Montreal (QC, Canada).

- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Transport Systems, Cranfield University
- Master of Science, Air Transport Management, City University London
- Graduate Certificate, Aviation Industry Management, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
- Bachelor of Arts, Languages and Economic and Legal Institutions of East Asia, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia
Italian (mother tongue)
English (proficient)
Spanish (basic)
Chinese (basic)